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Understanding the past indefinite tense is crucial for anyone learning Hindi. It is used to describe actions that were completed in the past without specifying the exact time of their occurrence. This tense helps in expressing past habits, routines, and occurrences. Having a PDF format of notes on the past indefinite tense in Hindi makes it easier for learners to access and study the material at their convenience.

Topics Covered in this notes

  • Formation of past indefinite tense in Hindi
  • Regular verbs in past indefinite tense
  • Irregular verbs in past indefinite tense
  • Negative and interrogative sentences in past indefinite tense
  • Use of time expressions with past indefinite tense

Benefit of PDF format of this note

The PDF format of these notes provides several benefits to learners:

  • Portability: The notes can be accessed on various devices and can be carried anywhere, allowing for easy studying on the go.
  • Printability: Users can print the notes and create a physical copy for offline studying.
  • Interactive: PDFs can include interactive elements such as hyperlinks, bookmarks, and annotations, enhancing the learning experience.
  • Easy to share: Learners can easily share the notes with classmates or teachers for collaborative studying.


  1. मैंने किताब पढ़ी। (I read a book.)
  2. वह खाना खाया। (He ate food.)
  3. उसने गाना गाया। (She sang a song.)

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