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The general category (also referred to as the forward or open category) in West Bengal includes several castes that are economically and socially advanced. Here’s a list of some of the prominent general category castes in West Bengal:

  1. Bengali Brahmin: This includes sub-castes such as Rarhi and Vaidika.
  2. Bengali Kayastha: Known for their administrative and clerical roles historically.
  3. Baidya: Traditionally associated with Ayurvedic medicine.
  4. Mahishya: Predominantly agrarian community.
  5. Aguri: Primarily engaged in agriculture and related activities.
  6. Sadgop: Another agrarian caste.
  7. Suvarna Banik: Traditionally traders and merchants.
  8. Gandhabanik: Historically involved in trade, especially of spices.
  9. Karmakar: Traditionally blacksmiths.

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