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The past continuous tense in Hindi is used to express an ongoing action that was happening in the past. It is an important tense to master in order to accurately convey past events in Hindi. To aid in learning and understanding this tense, a comprehensive PDF document is available for learners.

Importance of Past Continuous tense in Hindi PDF

The past continuous tense is an essential part of Hindi grammar as it allows speakers to describe actions that were happening at a specific point in the past. Understanding and using this tense correctly can greatly improve one’s communication skills in Hindi. The PDF document provides a detailed explanation of the past continuous tense, along with examples and exercises to reinforce learning.

Topics Covered in this notes

The PDF document covers the following topics related to the past continuous tense in Hindi:

  1. Formation of past continuous tense
  2. Use of past continuous tense with different types of verbs
  3. Conjugation of verbs in past continuous tense
  4. Expressing ongoing actions in the past
  5. Common expressions and time indicators used with past continuous tense

Benefit of PDF format of this note

The PDF format offers several advantages for learning the past continuous tense in Hindi:

  1. Portability: The PDF document can be easily accessed on various devices, allowing learners to study anytime, anywhere.
  2. Comprehensive content: The PDF contains detailed explanations, examples, and exercises to facilitate thorough understanding of the past continuous tense.
  3. Printable: Learners have the option to print the PDF for offline study and reference.
  4. Visual aids: The PDF may include visual aids such as charts and diagrams to aid in comprehension.


  1. मैं किताब पढ़ रहा था। (I was reading a book.)
  2. वह खाना बना रही थी। (She was cooking food.)

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