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One Day is a novel written by David Nicholls. It was published in 2009 and quickly became a bestseller. The book follows the lives of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew, two university graduates who meet on the day of their graduation. The story spans over twenty years, with each chapter taking place on the same day, July 15th, capturing the ups and downs of their lives and their evolving relationship.

The Characters

Emma Morley is a smart and ambitious woman with a passion for literature. She dreams of becoming a writer but struggles to find her place in the world. Dexter Mayhew, on the other hand, is charming and charismatic, but also reckless and self-destructive. Despite their differences, Emma and Dexter form a deep connection on the day they meet, and their lives become intertwined.

The Storyline

One Day explores the complexities of love, friendship, and the choices we make in life. As the years go by, Emma and Dexter navigate through various challenges and experiences. They support each other through career changes, relationship troubles, and personal growth. The novel delves into themes of regret, missed opportunities, and the passage of time.

The Writing Style

David Nicholls’ writing style is engaging and thought-provoking. He skillfully captures the essence of each character, making them feel real and relatable. The story is filled with witty dialogue and emotional moments that tug at the heartstrings. Nicholls’ use of the same date each year provides a unique structure to the novel, allowing readers to witness the evolution of Emma and Dexter’s lives.

The Impact

One Day has resonated with readers around the world, sparking discussions about life, love, and the choices we make. The novel explores the bittersweet nature of relationships and the unpredictable twists and turns that life often takes. It reminds us that every day is an opportunity for growth and change, and that true connections can withstand the test of time.


In 2011, One Day was adapted into a film starring Anne Hathaway as Emma and Jim Sturgess as Dexter. The movie received mixed reviews, but the performances were praised for capturing the essence of the characters. While the film adaptation may not have captured all the nuances of the book, it introduced a wider audience to the story and sparked renewed interest in David Nicholls’ work.

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