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Are you looking for the Odisha Government Calendar 2024 PDF? Look no further! We have all the information you need to stay organized and up to date with the latest government events and holidays in Odisha.

What is Odisha Government Calendar 2024 PDF?

The Odisha Government Calendar 2024 PDF is a comprehensive document that lists all the important dates, holidays, and events in the state of Odisha for the year 2024. It is an essential tool for government officials, employees, and the general public to plan their schedules and activities in advance.

Key Features of Odisha Government Calendar 2024 PDF

The Odisha Government Calendar 2024 PDF includes the following key features:

  1. Public Holidays: The calendar lists all the public holidays observed in Odisha, including national holidays and state-specific holidays. This helps individuals and organizations plan their work and leisure activities accordingly.
  2. Government Events: It also includes important government events, such as statehood day, foundation day, and other significant occasions that are celebrated in Odisha. This information is valuable for anyone involved in government-related activities.
  3. Festival Dates: The calendar provides dates for major festivals and cultural events celebrated in Odisha. This is useful for people who want to participate in or attend these events.
  4. Gazetted Holidays: In addition to public holidays, the calendar also lists gazetted holidays, which are specific to certain government offices and organizations. This information is crucial for employees and employers to manage their work schedules effectively.

Why You Need Odisha Government Calendar 2024 PDF

Having access to the Odisha Government Calendar 2024 PDF is essential for staying organized and informed about important dates and events in the state. Whether you are a government official, employee, or a resident of Odisha, this calendar will help you plan your activities and make the most of your time throughout the year.

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