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He Sharde Maa is a popular devotional song dedicated to the goddess Saraswati. It is widely sung and cherished by devotees across India. The lyrics of this beautiful song are filled with reverence and praise for the goddess, seeking her blessings for knowledge, wisdom, and success in various endeavors. In this article, we will explore the lyrics of He Sharde Maa in Hindi and delve into the meaning behind the words.

He Sharde Maa Lyrics in Hindi

हे शारदे माँ, हे शारदे माँ
आश्रित कल्प वृक्ष, स्वीकार दे माँ
ज्ञान-बुद्धि प्रदायिनी, विद्या दे माँ
जगत जननी, जगत तारिणी, जगदम्बे माँ
हे शारदे माँ, हे शारदे माँ

ज्ञान की देवी, ज्ञान की माता
तेरे दरबार में, ज्ञान आता
विद्या के धनी, धनी जगत के ज्ञानी
तेरे चरणों में, मिले सब सुख धनी
हे शारदे माँ, हे शारदे माँ

तू दया दृष्टि की स्वरूपिणी
तेरे चरणों में सब बिगड़ जाता
जग के सब दुःख हरे, माता तू ही धारे
तेरे चरणों में नित गुण गाता
हे शारदे माँ, हे शारदे माँ

जग के सब ताप हरे, तेरे दरबार में
संकट हरे दुःख हरे, तेरे चरणों में
जगदम्बे माँ, जगदम्बे माँ
जगदम्बे माँ, जगदम्बे माँ
हे शारदे माँ, हे शारदे माँ

Meaning of He Sharde Maa Lyrics

The lyrics of He Sharde Maa are a heartfelt plea to the goddess Saraswati, who is revered as the embodiment of knowledge, wisdom, and creativity. The song begins by addressing the goddess as “He Sharde Maa,” a respectful way of invoking her presence. The devotee seeks acceptance from the goddess, comparing her to a wish-fulfilling divine tree.

The lyrics further describe Saraswati as the bestower of knowledge and intellect, urging her to bless the devotee with the gift of education and wisdom. She is hailed as the mother of the world, the savior of the universe, and the divine mother figure who nurtures and protects all beings.

The song continues to praise the goddess as the source of knowledge and the one who grants success and wealth to those who seek her divine grace. It emphasizes that all troubles and sorrows vanish in her presence, and she is the ultimate refuge for those in need. The devotee expresses gratitude and sings praises to her divine qualities, acknowledging her as the remover of all suffering.

The lyrics conclude by acknowledging the goddess as the one who alleviates the pain and sufferings of the world. It emphasizes that in her divine presence, all obstacles are overcome, and all hardships are relieved. The repeated chanting of “Jagdambe Maa” further reinforces the belief in her power and universal motherhood.

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