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The Delhi government has rolled out the Delhi Liquor Price List 2024-25 PDF that sheds light on the updated prices of various alcohol brands. The list, available for download from the official website, offers a detailed overview of the retail pricing of both Indian and foreign liquor brands.

New Liquor Policy & Its Impact

As per the new liquor policy, customers no longer need to stand outside on roads to buy their liquor. Instead, the new shops will be walk-ins, ensuring a revolutionary consumer experience. The policy also mandates that the liquor business will be handled completely by private players, replacing the existing vends in the city with stylish stores.

All-Inclusive Price List for Whisky in Delhi 2024-25

From the ever-popular Royal Stag to the luxurious Sterling Reserve B10, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of whisky prices in Delhi for the year 2024.

Whisky BrandLocationVolumePrice (INR)
Royal StagDelhi1000 mlRs 530
Imperial BlueDelhi375 mlRs 250
McDowells No. 1Delhi750 mlRs 400
Blenders PrideDelhi1000 mlRs 990
Antiquity BlueDelhi1000 mlRs 1200
Teachers 50 Blended ScotchDelhi1000 mlRs 2700

Please note: The prices mentioned in the table are subject to change as per government norms.

Unveiling Indian Liquor Price List in Delhi

Indian whisky brands have a significant market share in Delhi. Here’s a rundown of the prices of popular Indian whisky brands in the city.

Whisky BrandLocationVolumePrice (INR)
All SeasonsDelhi1000 mlRs 660
Dennis SpecialDelhi750 mlRs 370
Blenders Pride Reserve CollectionDelhi1000 mlRs 1250
Officers Choice BlueDelhi750 mlRs 370

Foreign Liquor Brands Rate List in Delhi

For those who fancy foreign brands, we’ve got you covered. From Glenfiddich to Johnnie Walker, here’s a glimpse of the price list for foreign brands in Delhi.

Whisky BrandLocationVolumePrice (INR)
Glenfiddich Single MaltDelhi750 MLRs. 6700
The Glenlivet Founder’s ReserveDelhi750 MLRs. 5400
Johnnie Walker Double BlackDelhi750 MLRs. 3100
Chivas Regal 12 Year ScotchDelhi750 mlRs 2900
Jim Beam 8 Star BourbonDelhi750 mlRs 2400

Whether you’re a connoisseur or a casual drinker, this guide offers you insights into the pricing of various liquor brands in Delhi. So, the next time you plan your party or a quiet evening with a drink, make sure to refer to the Delhi Liquor Price List 2024 PDF for all pricing details.

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