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Chicken Foot Dominoes Rules PDF: Hello friends Through this article, we are going to share the complete Chicken Foot Dominoes Rules. We will share the PDF version of this solution for absolutely free means you can download the pdf by following the direct download link given below in this article.

Chicken Foot Dominoes Rules PDF Overview

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Chicken Foot Dominoes Rules PDF Summary

The objective of Chicken Foot Dominoes is to score the fewest points over several rounds or games. The game is typically played by two to six players.

The Setup

To play Chicken Foot Dominoes, you’ll need a set of standard double-six dominoes (28 tiles). Before starting, shuffle the tiles face down on the table. Each player then draws a specific number of dominoes, depending on the number of players:

  • 2 players: Each player draws 7 tiles.
  • 3 players: Each player draws 7 tiles.
  • 4 players: Each player draws 7 tiles.
  • 5 players: Each player draws 5 tiles.
  • 6 players: Each player draws 5 tiles.

The remaining dominoes form the boneyard, which players can draw from if they can’t play a tile from their hand.

Starting the Game

The player with the double-six tile (6-6) starts the game by placing it in the center of the table. If no player has the double-six, the player with the next highest double (5-5, 4-4, etc.) plays that double.

Playing Tiles

Players take turns in a clockwise direction. To play a tile, it must match either end of the chain on the table. For example, if a 3-5 tile is on the table, a player can place a tile with a 3 or a 5 at either end. If a player can’t make a move, they must draw a tile from the boneyard. If the drawn tile can be played, they can play it immediately. Otherwise, it’s the next player’s turn.

Chicken Foot Rule

The unique aspect of Chicken Foot Dominoes is the “chicken foot” shape that can form. When a player plays a double, it allows them to create a “chicken foot” by branching out three ways from the double. For example, if a player places a double-six, they can play tiles that have a 6 at one of their ends. This rule adds a strategic element to the game and can make it more challenging.


Scoring in Chicken Foot Dominoes is simple. At the end of each round or game, players count the total number of pips (dots) on the tiles they have left in their hands. The player with the fewest pips is the winner of that round and receives a score of 0. The other players score the total pips remaining in their hands. The game can be played for a set number of rounds or until a predetermined score is reached.

Winning the Game

The player with the lowest total score after the agreed-upon number of rounds or when a certain score is reached is declared the overall winner of the Chicken Foot Dominoes game.

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