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99 Names Of Allah PDF: we will share the complete Jai 99 Names Of Allah in PDF format, which you can download for free using the direct download link given below in this same article.

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99 Names Of Allah PDF Summary

The 99 Names of Allah, also known as the Asmaul Husna, are a collection of names and attributes of God in Islam. These names are considered highly significant in Islamic theology, reflecting the various qualities and characteristics of Allah. Here is a list of the 99 Names of Allah along with their meanings:

  • Ar-Rahman: The Most Gracious
  • Ar-Rahim: The Most Merciful
  • Al-Malik: The King
  • Al-Quddus: The Most Holy
  • As-Salam: The Peace
  • Al-Mu’min: The Giver of Faith
  • Al-Muhaymin: The Guardian
  • Al-Aziz: The Almighty
  • Al-Jabbar: The Compeller
  • Al-Mutakabbir: The Majestic
  • Al-Khaliq: The Creator
  • Al-Bari: The Evolver
  • Al-Musawwir: The Fashioner
  • Al-Ghaffar: The All-Forgiving
  • Al-Qahhar: The Subduer
  • Al-Wahhab: The Bestower
  • Ar-Razzaq: The Provider
  • Al-Fattah: The Opener
  • Al-Alim: The Knower
  • Al-Qabid: The Restrainer
  • Al-Basit: The Extender
  • Al-Khafid: The Abaser
  • Ar-Rafi: The Exalter
  • Al-Mu’izz: The Giver of Honor
  • Al-Mudhill: The Giver of Dishonor
  • As-Sami: The All-Hearing
  • Al-Basir: The All-Seeing
  • Al-Hakam: The Judge
  • Al-Adl: The Just
  • Al-Latif: The Subtle
  • Al-Khabir: The Aware
  • Al-Halim: The Forbearing
  • Al-Azim: The Magnificent
  • Al-Ghafur: The All-Forgiving
  • Ash-Shakur: The Grateful
  • Al-Ali: The Sublime
  • Al-Kabir: The Great
  • Al-Hafiz: The Preserver
  • Al-Muqit: The Nourisher
  • Al-Hasib: The Reckoner
  • Al-Jalil: The Majestic
  • Al-Karim: The Generous
  • Ar-Raqib: The Watchful
  • Al-Mujib: The Responsive
  • Al-Wasi: The Vast
  • Al-Hakim: The Wise
  • Al-Wadud: The Loving
  • Al-Majid: The Glorious
  • Al-Ba’ith: The Resurrector
  • Ash-Shahid: The Witness
  • Al-Haqq: The Truth
  • Al-Wakil: The Trustee
  • Al-Qawi: The Strong
  • Al-Matin: The Firm
  • Al-Wali: The Patron
  • Al-Hamid: The Praiseworthy
  • Al-Muhsi: The Reckoner
  • Al-Mubdi: The Originator
  • Al-Mu’id: The Restorer
  • Al-Muhyi: The Giver of Life
  • Al-Mumit: The Taker of Life
  • Al-Hayy: The Ever-Living
  • Al-Qayyum: The Self-Existing
  • Al-Wajid: The Finder
  • Al-Majid: The Glorious
  • Al-Wahid: The Unique
  • As-Samad: The Eternal Refuge
  • Al-Qadir: The Powerful
  • Al-Muqtadir: The Determiner of All Things
  • Al-Muqaddim: The Expediter
  • Al-Mu’akhkhir: The Delayer
  • Al-Awwal: The First
  • Al-Akhir: The Last
  • Az-Zahir: The Manifest
  • Al-Batin: The Hidden
  • Al-Wali: The Patron
  • Al-Muta’ali: The Supreme
  • Al-Barr: The Source of Goodness
  • At-Tawwab: The Acceptor of Repentance
  • Al-Muntaqim: The Avenger
  • Al-Afuw: The Pardoner
  • Ar-Ra’uf: The Compassionate
  • Malik al-Mulk: The Owner of Sovereignty
  • Dhul-Jalali wal-Ikram: The Lord of Majesty and Bounty
  • Al-Muqsit: The Equitable
  • Al-Jami: The Gatherer
  • Al-Ghani: The Rich
  • Al-Mughni: The Enricher
  • Al-Mani: The Preventer
  • Ad-Darr: The Distressor
  • An-Nafi: The Propitious
  • An-Nur: The Light
  • Al-Hadi: The Guide
  • Al-Badi: The Incomparable
  • Al-Baqi: The Everlasting
  • Al-Warith: The Inheritor
  • Ar-Rashid: The Guide to the Right Path
  • As-Sabur: The Patient
  • Ar-Ra’uf: The Compassionate

These names are recited and reflected upon by Muslims as a way to deepen their understanding of Allah’s attributes and to seek His blessings and guidance.

Que:- What is the significance of the 99 Names of Allah?

Ans:- They reflect attributes of God in Islam.

Que:- How are they used in Islamic practice?

Ans:- They’re recited in prayer and for reflection.

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