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Lord Shiva, also known as Mahadev, is one of the principal deities of Hinduism. He is revered as the supreme being and is worshipped in various forms across the Indian subcontinent. One of the ways devotees express their devotion to Lord Shiva is by reciting his 108 names, also known as “Ashtottara Shatanamavali”. These names are not just a means of praise, but they also convey the different attributes and qualities of Lord Shiva.

Here is a list of 108 names of Lord Shiva in Hindi along with their meanings:

  1. शिव (Shiv) – The Auspicious One
  2. महेश्वर (Maheshwar) – The Great Lord
  3. शम्भू (Shambhu) – The Abode of Joy
  4. पिनाकी (Pinaki) – One Who Has A Bow
  5. शशिशेखर (Shashishekhar) – The Wearer of the Moon
  6. वामदेव (Vamadev) – The Gentle Lord
  7. विरूपाक्ष (Virupaksh) – One Who Has Infinite Forms
  8. कपर्दी (Kapardi) – The One Who Wears Animal Skin
  9. नीललोहित (Neelalohit) – The Blue-Throated One
  10. शङ्कर (Shankar) – Giver of Joy
  11. शूलपाणि (Shoolpani) – The One Who Holds A Trident
  12. खण्डपरशु (Khandaparashu) – The Wielder of the Axe
  13. विष्णुवल्लभ (Vishnuvallabh) – Beloved of Lord Vishnu
  14. भस्माङ्ग (Bhsmang) – The One Who Applies Ashes
  15. सौरी (Sauri) – The Son of Surya
  16. चंद्रशेखर (Chandrashekhar) – The Wearer of the Crescent Moon
  17. गङ्गाधर (Gangadhar) – The Wearer of River Ganga
  18. गिरीश (Girish) – The Lord of Mountains
  19. कैलासपति (Kailaspati) – The Lord of Kailash
  20. उमापति (Umapati) – The Consort of Goddess Uma
  21. महाकाल (Mahakal) – The Great Time
  22. भीम (Bheem) – The Formidable One
  23. परमेश्वर (Parameshwar) – The Supreme Lord
  24. ईश्वर (Ishwar) – The Ultimate God
  25. त्र्यम्बक (Tryambak) – The Three-Eyed One
  26. त्रिपुरान्तक (Tripurantak) – The Destroyer of Tripura
  27. अनिश्वर (Anishwar) – The One Who Is Above All Gods
  28. नीलकण्ठ (Neelkanth) – The Blue-Throated One
  29. नीललोहित (Neelalohit) – The Blue-Throated One
  30. परमेश्वर (Parameshwar) – The Supreme Lord
  31. जटाधर (Jatadhar) – The One Who Has Tangled Hair
  32. कैलासनाथ (Kailasnath) – The Lord of Kailash
  33. कृष्णा (Krishna) – The Dark-Complexioned One
  34. कृतीवस (Kritivas) – The Bestower of Goodness
  35. महादेव (Mahadev) – The Great God
  36. मृत्युञ्जय (Mrityunjay) – Conqueror of Death
  37. पञ्चानन (Panchanan) – Five-Faced Lord
  38. प्रभु (Prabhu) – The Almighty
  39. प्रमथाधिप (Pramathadhip) – Lord of All Beings
  40. प्रजापति (Prajapati) – Lord of All Creatures
  41. प्रेमसंपूर्ण (Premsampurna) – Embodiment of Love
  42. प्रभुतापनाशन (Prabhutanashan) – Destroyer of Pride and Arrogance
  43. रुद्र (Rudra) – The Fierce One
  44. रुद्रेश्वर (Rudreshwar) – Lord of All Lords
  45. सर्वेश्वर (Sarveshwar) – Lord of All
  46. सोमेश्वर (Someshwar) – Lord of Nectar
  47. सुप्रसन्न (Suprasann) – Ever Cheerful and Graceful
  48. सुप्रसन्नात्मा (Suprasannatma) – Extremely Delighted Soul
  49. उमापति (Umapati) – Consort of Goddess Uma
  50. उमाधवा (Umadhava) – Husband of Goddess Uma
  51. उमाकान्ता (Umakanta) – Beloved Husband of Goddess Uma
  52. उमाधेय (Umadey) – Devotee of Goddess Uma
  53. उमापति (Umapati) – Consort of Goddess Uma
  54. उमाधवा (Umadhava) – Husband of Goddess Uma
  55. उमाकान्ता (Umakanta) – Beloved Husband of Goddess Uma

These are just a few names from the extensive list of 108 names of Lord Shiva in Hindi, each carrying deep spiritual significance and symbolism. Reciting these names with devotion and understanding can bring peace, strength, and blessings from Lord Shiva to his devotees.

In conclusion, the 108 names of Lord Shiva in Hindi are a beautiful way for devotees to connect with the divine and seek the blessings of the mighty lord who is revered for his benevolence and strength.

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